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Operate Your Own Big Cat Goalkeeping Academy (Business Opportunity)
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 Operate Your Own Big Cat Goalkeeping Academy (PDF)

Current Sites include:- Chicago, IL | Denver, CO | Baltimore, MD

“Big Cat Goalkeeping Is a hardworking family dedicated to bettering the physical, technical and mental aspects of goalkeepers in an intense competitive environment” – Residential Campers at
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Want to open your own Big Cat Goalkeeping school? whether you are a young aspiring coach wanting to grow with a young successful company or you are an established coach just simply looking to be associated with something bigger than yourself then this could be the opportunity for you.

Big Cat Goalkeeping are currently seeking goalkeeper coaches to coach the ‘The Big Cat Way’. We are not asking you to be regimented in your approach nor do we want to tell you what to do! We simply want to help give you a foundation, your players a sense of belonging and a helping hand in getting to the next level. All money that is made will be your own and we will implement a proven method on how you can receive multiple avenues for extra income allowing you to focus more on coaching as opposed to simply trying to make ends meet. Being a part of Big Cat Goalkeeping will increase your credibility as we have produced players for professional clubs, USA youth National Teams and we send waves of keepers to top colleges around the USA. All coaches will be a part of an experienced group of talented coaches that you can network with providing sessions for keepers that aspire to take their game to the next level. All players play at a competitive level of youth soccer and it is our duty to provide the best quality training and player management in order for each child to progress and reach their potential.

Some information about me (Neil Thompson, Founder of Big Cat Goalkeeping), my professional experience and what brought us to this point. In addition to being the founder of Big Cat Goalkeeping, I am also the Director of Goalkeeping at Sockers FC Chicago. I have national team experience having worked for US Mens u19’s National Team. I also do a lot of player identification as I work multiple US training Centers mainly in Chicago, and most recently in Los Angeles with players being vetted for the national team born between 2000-2004. 2016 has been a great year for us, as we have been granted some unique opportunities to visit, work with, and share ideas with coaches at Benfica, Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Blackburn Rovers. I have previous playing experience with Hull City, Carlisle United and Barnet FC. I have also had the pleasure of being a part of European Cup preliminary rounds with Welsh Premier League side Llanelli. As a coach, I have aided the development of a number of professional goalkeepers that went on to play in Europe and in the USA. My current portfolio of goalkeepers also includes the USA u17 Boys national team goalkeeper, and we continue to send waves of goalkeepers to college.

From my experience as someone who wanted to remain loyal to my passion of goalkeeping, it was difficult to make the kind of salary that I desired and stay true to goalkeeping. Since founding Big Cat Goalkeeping in 2011, I have managed to do just that, and I finally feel we are ready to reach out to other goalkeeper coaches by providing them with an opportunity to achieve their goals of positive finances, flexible schedules to work around the college game, being their own boss, and most important of all, staying true to being a full time goalkeeper coach.

In the document attached, you can find information that explains how we use a “multiple streams of Income” approach. This allows the coach to make money as, and when they please and in some cases even “when they sleep.” Currently, we have members earning over $1,000 a weekend on private sessions alone, and there are a number of other revenue streams that are addressed in the document as well (camps, clinics, small groups, glove commissions, apparel commissions, camp commissions, team trainings).

There are a few things that are not addressed in the document but are important to consider:

1- Annual one time fee of $700 – which is less than $60 per month (We also offer a monthly payment plan).

2- Included in the annual fee you will be issued your own Big Cat Goalkeeping personalized website (example:, which enables you to take payments online from camps, clinics and individual sessions, allowing the money to go straight into your bank account. In this personalized website, the clients also have access to the store where they can purchase gloves and other apparel, which redirects the commissions straight to you.

3- We also provide Curriculum, Methodology, Development Plan, and an expectations breakdown. The expectations breakdown is aimed at youth team coaches to help guide the goalkeepers you are working with in games. As for the development plan, this is simply a training aid shall you wish to use it, which I believe makes it easy for us to track what our goalkeeper are doing in set cycles (Example in a 10 week cycle x 3 session per week)

4 – Once you join the team we will send out a training kit package which will include our latest lines of gloves to help create brand awareness.

We will be attending the NSCAA convention in Los Angeles in January 2017. Please visit us at booth number 642. We are also having a Big Cat Goalkeeping social evening at Tom’s Urban with open bar, where we can share ideas, and meet the team in a relaxed, fun setting  (LOS ANGELES / LA LIVE ) from 8 – 10 pm. Invite only, so please swing by the booth to pick up your invite.

  • Must have played Professional or College Soccer.
  • Must be able to present the importance of each drill and how it relates to a game.
  • Must be current with the modern day goalkeepers function within a team.
  • Coaching USSF coaching licenses are preferred but not essential.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must not be currently sponsored by any other Goalkeeper Glove brands.


If interested, please email