Camp React 2018


JULY 7-12, 

Directed by, Neil Thompson & Miguel Miranda ft Hugo Tecelo 


555 Sheridan Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045

  • Check in for residential goalkeepers: Noon-2pm July 7 – Check out
    5-6pm July 12
  • Check in for non residential and Little Tigers: 9am-5pm 8-12 of July
Neil Thompson has coached at the u19 National Team Level, NCAA DI level, DA
level and is the  Academy Goalkeeper Coach for LAFC.
Miguel Miranda has coached some of the best goalkeepers in the world which
consists of Ederson of Manchester City and Jan Oblak of Atlético Madrid.
Miranda is currently the Academy Goalkeeping Director of Sporting Lisbon.
Hugo Tecelao is the Sporting Lisbon Head u19 Goalkeeper coach. Hugo
helped developed Pedro Silva,Sporting CP and Portuguese
National Team Goalkeeper who featured in
the U20 World Cup.
CAMP REACT Staff will focus on the following areas:
* Physical – Functional movements, goalkeeping specific fitness, speed and agility.
* Technical – Handling, diving, distribution
* Tactical – Game management, playing out from the back, set pieces
* Moments of the game – 1 v 1, crosses, reaction saves, shot stopping
“Camp React is a special goalkeeping experience. We have had the pleasure of working with goalkeepers from youth and full national teams from around the world. Between the Camp React Staff We have worked with goalkeepers that have represented the US, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Slovenia and Mexico. This truly will be an amazing experience for all the goalkeepers involved.” 

  – Neil Thompson


CAMP REACT is the camp where the goalkeepers that become elite attend. CAMP REACT will not only push goalkeepers to their limits but it will also educate the goalkeeper on roles and responsibilities of the position.

Neil Thompson who is the founder of Big Cat Goalkeeping, currently works with the new Major League Soccer Club Los Angeles Football Club also known as LAFC. Thompson has coached the mens u19 National Team, US Training Centers, has guided players to professional clubs, youth national teams both US and Mexico and he and his staff have guided 100’s onto the college level.  


What the Director has to say:-

“Every year we get better and better, both as players and as professional coaches. I know that we can confidently say we are the best goalkeeper specific training camp in the country  for goalkeeper development. 

We are pleased to announce that Miguel Miranda of Sporting Lisbon will join us again at Camp React 2019! Miguel is not only a world class coach, coaching the likes of Ederson and Oblak but he is a great friend as well. 

2018 was a huge success for Big Cat Goalkeeping with Alex Budnik being called back into the u19 national team before making his debut for Dartmouth College. Duncan Turnbull Becoming the starting goalkeeper at University of Notre Dame, Ian Turnbull moved to Portugal to join Permeira Liga, and UEFA Europa League team Sporting Lisbon, Roman Celentano committed to India University, Donavan Palomares Represented the Mexican National Team, to name a few great achievements along with many more amazing accomplishments.

Camp React will be special as always as we prepare goalkeepers to get to the next level.” -Neil Thompson


During camp there will be time spent viewing demonstrations, along with participating in question and answer sessions. As Big Cat Goalkeeping believes in becoming more effective in goal, there will be time allocated to goalkeeping specific functional performance training ensuring all of our goalkeepers are ready for the season ahead.

Little Tigers

At Big Cat Goalkeeping we believe that every goalkeeper should have goalkeepers that they look up to. Due to this belief, our younger goalkeepers (Little Tigers) will train at the same location as our older goalkeepers. This gives the young goalkeeper a sense of what they are trying to achieve. It also builds the young keepers confidence as they mingle with the older keepers during demos, meetings and lunch.

 Residential Campers (2008-2000):


  • Morning, afternoon and evening training sessions
  • Early morning / Late night body recovery sessions
  • Room and board (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)
  • Nutrition seminar
  • Q&A with Staff
  • Pro analysis seminar (Video session)
  • College recruitment seminar
  • Personal development meeting
  • Training shirt

Day Campers (2008-2000):

  • Morning and Afternoon training sessions
  • Lunch
  • Personal development meeting
  • Training shirt

Little Tigers (2011-2009):

  • Morning and Afternoon training sessions
  • Lunch
  • Training shirt
  • Fun Game-related activites


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