Player & Club Consulting


Our mission is to streamline the process of getting to college or create the pathway for players to become professional players.

Due to eligibility reasons players cannot sign with agents if they still wish to be eligible for college. Therefore, we decided to create a consulting service for players to get guidance on getting to the next level.

Neil Thompson and the Big Cat Goalkeeping Team have guided 100+ Goalkeeper on to the college game. Neil has also trained and given advice to help guide many goalkeeper to go on to the professional ranks.

This service has been put in place to allow the goalkeeper and the parents of a goalkeeper to hire Neil Thompson as a consultant to help guide goalkeepers on their journey.

There are no guarantees, but we can assure Neil Thompson will give you the best advice in his power to tailor make a plan for you on your journey.

“Everyone in soccer has a journey that is unique to them, this format allows us to consult and devote real time and attention to advising the player based on their level and their needs. Whether you have the ability to be a college level athlete or a professional soccer player I can give you the guidance and advice need to help aid that goal” – Neil Thompson

We created this service due to supply and demand. It is not possible for Neil to advise all players year round, so this will allow for access and priority to Neil’s time. Neil Thompson will be your direct point of contact and you will have access to Neil on daily basis should you seek advice when needed.

This service will be charged on a monthly basis so there is no long term risk to you. Neil is confident that you will feel empowered by his approach and is excited to get to work for you.


Big Cat Goalkeeping has a powerful vision.

Our vision is to impact and improve goalkeeping development around the world. This will be done by giving the clubs knowledge, education and guidance.

We have carefully designed and structured season long session plans to fit your teams needs.

Not only will this lead to better educated goalkeepers, but goalkeeper coaches and directors of clubs alike. Other Benefits are:

  • Top quality training sessions that are implemented at professional youth academies
  • Consistent message regardless of who is coaching the session
  • Proven methodology of goalkeeping development

Clubs who register will get free advertising opportunities on our Social Media platforms to help promote that their club is now powered by Big Cat!

All clubs who register for the session plans will receive a 25% discount code for Big Cat Goalkeeping gloves.

Other Services

  • FaceTime / Phone consultation (1 hour)
  • College recruitment presentation (Allowing your club to present to your goalkeepers)
  • Goalkeeper Development Roadmap (Allowing your club to have a vision of what should be expected in each stage of development)
  • Goalkeeper specific evaluation forms
  • Self evaluation forms (To be handed out to goalkeepers)
  • Session evaluation feedback (Club submits a 1 hour goalkeeping session and Big Cat Goalkeeping Director Neil Thompson will evaluate the session and give a written report to the coach or club director upon request of how improvements can be made to the environment and what the positives are)

For on sight consulting, staff work shops or for moment specific presentations to be created upon request email : for pricing

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