Operate Your Own BIG CAT GOALKEEPING Academy

Open your own Big Cat Goalkeeping Academy

What are we looking for?

  • We are looking for coaches who are able to represent the brand while keeping the name that has always been associated with premium service for producing the best youth goalkeepers.
  • Self starting individuals with an entrepreneurial drive
  • Student of the game
  • A goalkeeper coach who sees value in being a part of a team.


  • Must have played Professional or College Soccer.
  • Must be able to present the importance of each drill and how it relates to a game.
  • Must be current with the modern day goalkeepers function within a team.
  • Coaching USSF coaching licenses are preferred but not essential.
  • Must have good communication skills.
  • Must not be currently sponsored by any other Goalkeeper Glove brands.

Why should I look to open a Big Cat Goalkeeping Academy?

This opportunity would benefit the coaches by allowing him/her a flexible schedule, which is particularly important during the soccer season. The opportunity presented in the PDF would also benefit the teams he/she works with as the retention rate of goalkeeping staff will be higher, as this opportunity relieves financial stress from the coach.

See PDF presentation for our business opportunity that we are currently recruiting for:


Important things to consider:

  • Annual fee of $700 or $70 monthly payments
  •  Big Cat Goalkeeping personalized website – which enables you to take payments online from camps, clinics and individual sessions, allowing the money to go straight into your bank account. In this personalized website, the clients also have access to the store where they can purchase gloves and other apparel, allowing you to receive commissions.

Our coaching staff currently consists of: 

  • US National Team Coaches
  • Professional soccer club coaches
  • USA Developmental Academy coaches
  • NCAA D1,2 and 3 coaches
  • NAIA Coaches
  • High School and travel coaches.

All of which have flexible working schedules thanks to their affiliation with Big Cat Goalkeeping.


In order to to join:

  1. Send Resume (video of a session preferred) to info@bigcatgoalkeeping.com
  2. Schedule phone / Skype session
  3. Check and sign the agreement

After agreement is signed we will:

  • Issue website
  • Provide training methodology concepts
  • Promote your Big Cat Goalkeeping Academy
  • Receive Big Cat Goalkeeping glove bundle/Care Package
  • Have access to sessions past and present
  • Have a network of professional coaches to share ideas with
  • Business development support from Big Cat Goalkeeping founder Neil Thompson


If you have any additional questions, please contact us at info@bigcatgoalkeeping.com

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